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M777 VIP Club Membership program is designed to benefit all of our player’s wagers to the fullest, ensuring that every bet placed will be accumulated and transformed into rewards, such as amazing cash bonuses and fantastic gift items. Get your VIP status now by signing up for free. The advantage is in your hands!
Turnover Required x1 Deposit 50k 150k 250k 500k 1.0 Mil 1.5 Mil
Birthday Cash Rewards Up to MYR7 Up to MYR17 Up to MYR77 Up to MYR177 Up to MYR277 Up to MYR577 Up to MYR777
Live Casino Daily Cashback 0.50% 0.55% 0.60% 0.65% 0.70% 0.75% 0.80%
Sportsbook Daily Cashback 0.30% 0.30% 0.35% 0.35% 0.40% 0.45% 0.50%
Slots & Games Daily Cashback 0.30% 0.30% 0.35% 0.35% 0.40% 0.45% 0.50%
Membership Upgrade Reward Welcome Bonus MYR150 MYR300 MYR500 MYR600 MYR800 MYR1000
VIP Account Manager - - - -
VIP Member Promotions - - - -
Exclusive Withdrawal - - - - -

  1. Turnover will be calculate based on monthly, 1st until 31st of the month
  2. Multiple level upgrade is allowed when the total turnover is above 500k and their levels will be reset each month to previous level if didn't meet the turnover required; membership upgrade reward is applicable to the level achieved only.
  3. Members with VIP level statuses are entitled to receive daily cashback. The cashback will be credit into wallet, and no turnover required.
  4. Upgrade bonus will be reward only once a month and no turnover required. Members that downgraded will not entitle for this membership upgrade reward.
  5. The highest level bonus you obtained in the current month is determined by total turnover you’ve made in the previous month
  6. M777 reserve the right to amend the terms of the promotion, or modify or cancel this promotion at any time, either for all members or an individual members. General terms of use specified on this site apply to all promotions.

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